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No PS4 Press Conference From Sony At Gamescom 2016

by Damian Seeto


It was reported already that Microsoft won’t have its own press conference at Gamescom 2016. Now it looks like Sony is doing the same thing as no PS4 press conference is being scheduled from them too.

Jeux Video (via NeoGAF) asked PlayStation France if Sony will be holding a press conference this year at Gamescom. They confirmed there won’t be a press conference much like they skipped out on last year’s event.

That’s not to say that Sony and the PS4 will be completely absent because the company will be displaying all of its latest games on the show floor.

This is similar to Microsoft as they are showcasing everything on the show floor this year as opposed to making big announcements via a press conference. A lot of stuff was already revealed at E3 2016 anyway.

Sony is more likely to have a bigger press conference in October during Paris Games Week. October is an important month for Sony as it marks the launch of the PlayStation VR device. One has to wonder when Sony will finally give us more substantial information about the PlayStation Neo. Hopefully details are shared soon.

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