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Olympic Athletes Want Pokemon Go To Be Released In Brazil

by Damian Seeto


For two weeks, many athletes are in Brazil to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. Sadly though, they cannot spend their free time playing Pokemon Go.

As reported by The Guardian, many athletes have tweeted out their disappointment that Pokemon Go will not be playable in Brazil. South America as a whole has yet to experience the craze of catching Pokemon on their smart phones.

Anna Green, who is a New Zealand soccer player, said she had hoped to have met up with other athletes to run around the country catching Pokemon. She just said she will just have to train now due to the game’s absence.

Matthieu Peche, a French canoer, just posted a screenshot on his phone showing that there are no Pokemon to be found inside the Olympic village. He used crying face emojis to display his disappointment.

Niantic has yet to give an announcement on the availability of Pokemon Go in Brazil, but many gamers living in the country have been demanding it for several weeks now. Hopefully the game is released soon so that the fans/athletes going to the Olympics can still play the most popular game of 2016.

A Brazilian release date for Pokemon Go is just one of the many things that Niantic has to work on. Many people are upset about the recent changes that were made on the last update…

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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