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One of Wii U’s Best Exclusives Might be Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

by Kyle Hanson


The Wii U hasn’t had a whole lot of third-party support via exclusive games. However, at its launch it had one that was easily one of the system’s best games, with Ubisoft’s ZombiU.

The game truly took advantage of the system’s unique elements, allowing players to manipulate their inventory and use various devices via the Wii U Gamepad. Those with a Wii U were treated to an adventure that helped justify their purchase, while offering some of the best survival-horror gameplay available in years.

However, it looks like PS4 and Xbox One gamers are about to get their hands on the title, which many suspect will be renamed to just Zombi. A few things have happened to indicate the release, the latest of which is a Taiwanese rating showing up that seems to indicate an imminent release.

This news will likely be a little hurtful to Wii U owners, who touted ZombiU as one of the reasons to pick up the system. However, the game sold very poorly on Wii U, causing Ubisoft to forgo any plans for a sequel. Perhaps making the game available to a wider audience could reinvigorate the IP, allowing for future games in the series.

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