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Parents Are Going to Hate the New Skylanders App

by William Schwartz


As a former retail employee, I can tell you tons of stories of kids begging their parents for a new Skylanders figurine, and the parents not only obliging, but dropping over $100 on the toys. This happened multiple times. Activision’s cash-grabbing series has been highly successful since the first of the series came out in 2011. Now, kids have a way to keep track of all the little toys they’ve purchased — since, face it, half of them are probably lost anyway.

Today, iOS users can download the Skylanders Collection Vault. This new app keeps track of all the Skylanders that have been purchased/registered to your game. Not only can you use it to view your collection, you can also upload it online and compare it with your friends. Now, kids will know exactly which toys to beg their parents for so they can keep up with their friends on the block.

While Call of Duty: Ghosts may have been a bit underwhelming this year, Skylanders doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Copycats like Disney Infinity may try to collect some of that market share this Christmas, but Activision knows how to handle their IP — and this new app is only going to help rake in the dough this holiday season.

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