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Patch Notes Released For Pokemon Go Update 0.31.0 On Android And 1.1.0 On iOS

by Damian Seeto


A new update for Pokemon Go has been released on both Android and iOS devices. The patch notes are exactly the same and some big changes have been made.

The official Facebook page posted the patch notes. One controversial move is that they removed the footprints guide that indicated how close Pokemon are to you. Full notes provided below.

  • Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen
  • Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pokémon
  • Refined certain Gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Removed footprints of nearby Pokémon
  • Modified battle damage calculation
  • Various bug fixes during wild Pokémon encounter
  • Updates to the Pokémon details screen
  • Updated achievement medal images
  • Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
  • Minor text fixes

Quite a few people are upset over the removal of the footprints. They weren’t accurate all of the time, but it was helpful in knowing how close some Pokemon were. Now you have to fully guess the locations of the Pokemon in your area.

The update itself was only 30MB on Android. It’s likely the update for Pokemon Go is around the same size on iOS. Do you approve of the changes that have been made today for the game?

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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