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Peter Molyneux Details Plans for Godus at PAX 2013

by William Schwartz


Peter Molyneux, game design royalty, alumni of the fondly remembered Bullfrog and Lionhead studios, has detailed his plans for the upcoming deity-sim Godus being developed by 22Cans following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

In an interview with Adam Sessler of Rev3Games at PAX Prime 2013, Molyneux elaborated on many of the exciting features to come from the designer who is often criticised for not living up to his promises. See the recently released trailer below from some touching music and land manipulation to whet your palette.

For starters, an early access beta via Steam is targeted for a September 13 launch which will give the non-Kickstarter backers their first chance to play Molyneux’s ambitious game. Taking a pages from many of his previous projects, gamers can expect a huge level of control over the game world via landscaping tools which can effect tidal and wind patterns on the micro scale as well as the macro. These powers will develop to over time and new powers can be gained by increasing your God’s follower count. To describe the game in simple terms it’s part Populous, part From Dust and part Civilization.

The game world will run from a primitive pre-tool age all the way into the space age with small villages of simple huts eventually growing to become cities complete with skyscrapers. Molyneux advised Adam Sessler that the team developing Godus were satisfied and confident with the design of the game up until the imperial age at this point.

“Godus is about this one massive planet where we are all building a civilization together

Never shy of competition, Molyneux also noted that Godus was capable of generating worlds the size of Jupiter. That is 1,325 times bigger than the Earth and larger still than Minecraft worlds which are apparently limited to the size of Neptune.

Single and multiplayer modes will be available with non-competitive aspects also taking place, players will have to deal with neighboring civilizations created by other gamers and interaction can lead to new races via genetics and whole host of other wild promises which Molyneux is known for.

Finally, Molyneux elaborated on the role of Godus’ one true god, the player who won Molyneux’s Curiosity game earlier this year. Initially this role will by filled by the winner, Brian of Edinburgh who will be able to make one adjustment every week from three choices which will include a moral aspect. One player will be able to challenge the true god of Godus in a televised multiplayer match every six months and the winner will then go on to reign for another six months. The one god of Godus is even a paid position so expect competition to be fierce and exciting if everything develops as per Molyneux’s  larger than life vision.

Are you looking forward to Godus? Do you think 22Cans can deliver on their promises? Let us know in the comments below. 

- This article was updated on:February 19th, 2018

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