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Phil Spencer Explains Why Xbox One X Is Not Called Scorpio

by Jose Belmonte


Yesterday Microsoft unvelied its new console as Xbox One X, ending months of speculation on the final name of the product, since it was originally announced with the provisional name Project Scorpio. In an interview with IGN, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, confirmed that the company had considered many names that had been part of the online rumors in the last few days, and even months, like Xbox One Elite.

However, most of them implied some issues that in the end it made the company go for its current branding. Xbox One Elite, for example, didn’t convince the heads of the company, as Microsoft had already used that name with one of the previous packages of Xbox One. Spencer also acknowledges that many fans would have liked the console to be ultimately retained the name Scorpio, as in Xbox One Scorpio, but he says that the use of that name would have risen some issues when it came to register the trademark.

One option that was never in the cards was the possibility of dropping the “One” of the name, since Microsoft wanted to state clearly the value of their family of consoles. They wanted the general public to see their Xbox One machines as one unified platform with options for most demanding players, and those who were just jumping into the current generation.

Xbox One X will be avaliable on November 7th at a price of $499.

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