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PlayStation 4 to use AMD tech?

by William Schwartz


Sony’s next generation of home consoles has yet to be announced, and the company has gone as far as to say that they aren’t focused on the next generation at all.  However, a recent report out of Forbes explains why the company may be more focused on what’s next, than they are letting on.  According to the financial publication, former AMD employees revealed that the chip maker has a “key role” in the unannounced console.

AMD which is currently used by Microsoft for the Xbox 360, was not used by Sony in the PlayStation 3.  They instead opted to go with Nvdia.  Did Sony make a switch for their next generation of consoles?

Both Sony and AMD are being extremely quiet on the topic.  Forbes claims that both companies have declined to comment on the leak from the former employees.  Sony’s Jack Tretton recently explained why the company isn’t focused on the next generation, with the Vita freshly launched, and the belief that the PS3 still has some good years ahead of it.

Rumors have also suggested that Sony was set to reveal the PlayStation 4 at E3 2012, but the company also shot down those rumors earlier this month.

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