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Pokemon Go Brazil Release Teased by Niantic

by Kyle Hanson


After weeks of dead silence, yesterday saw Pokemon Go developer Niantic finally opening up to their community. They explained a little bit about what was going on with Pokemon tracking, and assured hungry fans that the game was continuing its worldwide release. Brazil has been the loudest country it seems, with some going so far as to hack the CEO of Niantic’s Twitter account to ask for the game to release there. Today Niantic continued their communication improvements, hinting that the Pokemon Go Brazil release could be coming soon.

“Working hard to roll out Pokémon GO to Brazil. Stay tuned…” reads the far too short tweet. Still, while the message is short on any sort of details, this is a major improvement over what we’d seen from Niantic before. With almost every issue that came up for the game they remained stone silent, allowing the community to fester in speculation and conspiracy theories.

Even with this improvement, communication has remained minimal. Changes have been occurring behind the scenes with Pokemon Go, yet we have heard little or nothing about them from the developer. Many are currently experiencing trouble with the scan rate, which has been decreased to only once every ten seconds. This impacts passengers in cars, trains, and buses, while the speed is so slow that even bikes could be hit as well.

There are also anecdotal reports that Pokemon are much harder to catch as of late. Even low level monsters are more aggressive, attacking and dodging at much higher levels. Even when they are hit with the ball, many will pop out more frequently, and run away much easier. Still, without confirmation from Niantic this is all speculation and rumor within the community.

Hopefully today’s tweet is just one of many, and the communication will continue to improve over the next few days.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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