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Where Is The Pokemon Go Buddy System Update? [Update: Now Rolling Out]

by Anthony Decicco


It looks like we are 48 hours after Niantic said the reported update for Pokemon Go has been released, fans are still having trouble getting the update.

It seems that it is taking longer than expected to roll out the update with Android and Apple marketplaces. Some say that Apple can take up to two days for the update to roll out depending on region, and in the US it appears it goes from let to right starting with the west coast. In the past updates have been released day and date to fans, but it seems it has been taking longer than usual and even has angered some fans.

It seems those who are running APK have been the only ones confirmed able to download it which is the Android Application Package used by developers. We shall see if the update spreads, but as of writing this it seems that many are left without a promised update. Even Reddit seems to have gotten upset about the lack of an update. In the same thread you will find many disgrunted Pokemon Go fans. Hopefully the issue will solve itself soon and it will begin to roll out for everyone. We will update once new information is available, or the update itself.

Update 9/13
The 1.7.0 Update has begun rolling out to users worldwide. Check your apps store and make sure the Pokemon Go app is up to date.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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