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Pokemon Go European Release Begins As It Is Out Now In Germany

by Damian Seeto


The European release of Pokemon Go has already started as the game is now available in Germany. Hopefully the game’s servers can survive the additional number of players.

The Pokemon Go Twitter page announced: “We are happy to announce that #PokemonGO is available to Trainers in Germany. Follow us to receive future announcements.”

This means the game is now officially available in USA, Germany, Australia and New Zealand . The roll-out is expected to be slow because Niantic want to test out how well the servers are.

Niantic had to halt the worldwide release of the game as the servers haven’t been that great. The servers will go down and up again multiple times per day. It has been doing this ever since it launched and continues to do so.

Germany is a country with 80 million people so there is a potential for even more players to put stress on the servers. Granted, the servers weren’t great even when the game was only out in Australia and New Zealand.

However, the game’s release in Germany is a small sign that Niantic is confident that Pokemon Go can run smoothly. This means it might be only a matter of time until more European countries can jump on the bandwagon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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