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Pokemon Go Gyms Being Exploited With New Egg Glitch

by Mike Guarino


While Pokemon Go has certainly been a game that has been prone to glitches since its release last month, this latest one allows trainers to use an exploit to take over a gym without being able to be taken down. This is being done by a new egg glitch, which allows you to place eggs inside of a gym instead of a Pokemon.

Now, considering that eggs have no stats to speak of, they cannot be challenged once they are placed inside the gym. This means that anyone else that comes will just be looking at a gym that is held by an egg and there’s nothing they can do about it. Trainers of the same team that hold the gym can also place their own eggs inside the gym, adding insult to injury.

While this is definitely a major annoyance for anyone playing the game, it also comes with some perks for those who actually do it. Holding gyms earns you the game’s in-game currency called Pokecoins, and the longer you remain on top in a gym the more you get. We don’t recommend you partake in such scandalous activities, as we’re just informing you of what you could *potentially* do.

It could also end up getting you in trouble with the developer at some point down the road, so, seriously, don’t do it! The only thing that trainers can do at this point is wait for developer Niantic to release a patch to fix it, though the ETA on that is anyone’s guess.

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