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Confirmed: Pokemon Go Might Have Just Added Ditto

by Kyle Hanson


UPDATE: Multiple reports have confirmed that Ditto is in the game now. Click here to see how to catch him.

While we’ve been getting a lot of new features and events in Pokemon Go, we haven’t gotten any new actual Pokemon. With each update fans waited to see if Ditto or any Legendary Pokemon were added to the game, and while some background info was snuck in, they were never fully activated. For Ditto, his information was added recently, but he didn’t have any moveset and was obviously disabled on the server side. According to some community members that might have changed today.

Fan-site The Silph Road reported today that Ditto was just updated on the server side of Pokemon Go. He now has his moveset with Transform fully attached to his character, meaning he is ready to go in the game. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can go out and catch a Ditto right now, but he has apparently been messed with recently, possibly being activated in some hidden way.

The assumption right now is that Ditto will be a special Pokemon, one you can’t just catch at random. There are entire communities forming around figuring out how to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go. So far little traction has been made, but with this newest change the community is excited to see what they find.

It’s very possible that you will encounter Ditto in Pokemon Go starting today, though you might not know it right away. Given the character’s propensity for shape shifting and mimicking of other Pokemon, the most likely thing is that you’ll catch something else and find out later that it was a Ditto all along. We’ll be monitoring the renewed efforts to find Ditto in Pokemon Go, so check back for updates as this develops.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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