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Pokemon Go Revealed For Mobile Platforms

by Dean James


Pokemon has been a big part of Nintendo’s handheld plan for years and upon the reveal that Nintendo was going to be making a big move to mobile as part of their plan as well, Pokemon Go has just been revealed.

During a special stream just now from The Pokemon Company that revealed Pokemon Go for the first time, which is scheduled to come to both iOS and Android platforms in 2016.

Coming from Niantic, in tandem with both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, Pokemon Go looks like it could possibly revolutionize what we know about the series to date. The debut trailer shows off people battling in real life, though we know that won’t be happening of course. However, it does look somewhat like a more intensive version of the April Fools Joke from Google a few years ago.

Pokemon Go will utilize Niantic’s Ingress augmented reality to make Pokemon feel realer than ever. Ingress transforms real life locations for players to use, so we’ll see how it’s used here.

Social interaction with players all around the world is a central element to Pokemon Go, with it almost bringing everybody’s favorite Pokemon to the real world in a way.

More details should come soon out on Pokemon Go soon, so make sure to stay tuned, but you can also check out the announcement trailer below.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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