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Pokemon Go Update 0.35.0 and 1.5.0 Adds an In-Game IV Checker

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go Update 0.35.0 is rolling out soon for Android, along with update 1.5.0 on iOS devices. This update adds a few under the hood type things, such as fixes aimed at taking out bot players. However, the main thing that Pokemon Go Update 0.35.0 brings to the game is an in-game IV checker.

In case you haven’t been diving deep into the Pokemon Go competitive scene, IVs are hidden numbers that determine the overall potential of your individual Pokemon (read more about them right here). These numbers range from 0-15 with a specific one for your Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats on your Pokemon. Before now players had to go to outside websites and tools to check their Pokemon’s IVs, but no longer.

The new in-game IV checker doesn’t give you an exact number like those tools did, but it does fit more in line with how IVs work in the regular games. The feature also adds some extra stuff for your team leader to do, as they will appraise your Pokemon for you. By analyzing the text that they say you can figure out what range of IV your Pokemon has.

Players are already getting into this to figure out what they say for what range, so keep an eye out for more info on that front. Essentially, the more praise they lavish on your Pokemon’s skills, the better the IV, which will in turn make for a better Pokemon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018