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Pokemon Go Update 0.57.2 and 1.27.2 Go Live, but Gen 2 Aren’t Here Yet

by Kyle Hanson


This week saw the biggest news yet for Niantic’s massively popular Pokemon Go mobile game. Launched in June 2016, Pokemon Go became a global phenomenon, but has since battled with dwindling enthusiasm and player counts. Fans said that the addition of new Pokemon would change that, and Niantic must have listened, announcing the arrival of Gen 2 Pokemon for later this week. Now the update for that change is live, bringing other changes as well, but it seems that Niantic is waiting to flip the switch on Gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Update 0.57.2 and 1.27.2 are now rolling out on the Google Play and Apple App stores right now, so keep checking them to see when they’re available for you to download. This is the update that enables Gen 2 Pokemon, though there are server side changes required as well. These are the things we’re currently waiting for, with the expectation that Gen 2 Pokemon will start spawning some time later this week, likely when all players have access to this update.

Thankfully, the Pokemon Go update offers other changes as well, making the gameplay experience better in a number of ways. These include a refreshed and easier to navigate catching screen, more trainer customization options, and update music. Pokemon are also displaying their gender now, though breeding hasn’t been added to fully take advantage of this feature. We also expect to get trading and player versus player battling in future updates, though those could be far off at this point.

Pokemon Go has been criticized widely for its approach to updates, with the massive popularity of the game causing Niantic to focus more on server stability than on adding features. This has caused a number of problems, including the removal of the game’s original tracking system, which has been replaced by one that focuses on Pokestops. Could the addition of Gen 2 Pokemon be the boost that Pokemon Go needs? Let us know if it’s enough to get you back in the game.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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