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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Heads to iPhone and Android Very Soon

by Kyle Hanson


Previously a 3DS exclusive, Pokemon Shuffle will be heading to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store later this year. Specifically referred to as Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, the game will be free to download, much like it was on the 3DS.

Pokemon Shuffle is a match-three type game, where you battle, capture, and match various breeds of Pokemon by moving them around in a grid. The game uses the standard free-to-play practice of limiting the number of levels that you can play without having to wait for the next one.

Many fans have been referring to this as Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile gaming market after famously announcing their plans to make the leap late last year. However, Pokemon Shuffle is developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company.

While Nintendo has a stake in the Pokemon market, and is an official affiliate of The Pokemon Company, they aren’t completely in charge, and aren’t directly involved in the development of this game.

Also, Nintendo has stated that their push into the mobile gaming space would not be simply taking current games and porting them over. While Pokemon Shuffle certainly fits well with the mobile market, it seems like Nintendo will be doing more re-tooling of their games before they head over.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will hit iPhone and Android later this year.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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