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Pokemon Sun & Moon File Size is a Massive 3.2GB

by Kyle Hanson


Hope you have a really big SD card in your Nintendo 3DS, at least if you plan to purchase the digital versions of Pokemon Sun & Moon. This is because, according to fan-site, the Pokemon Sun & Moon file size will run a whopping 3.2GB or 26,214 blocks. The information came from the official Japanese website for the games, which was explaining that due to this large file size, those with 4GB SD cards in their 3DS might have trouble fitting the game and its upcoming demo.

While this is a very large file size for a 3DS game, it is not unheard of. Previous games, mostly larger RPG titles have hit the 3GB or higher mark, including Bravely Default. However, this is a big jump for the series, with Pokemon X & Y, and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire not hitting the 2GB level for their file size.

It makes sense given how much we’ve already seen that is being added and changed for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The games are shaping up to be some of the most unique in the 20 year old franchise. It just might make it rough for those with smaller SD cards, but it also might be worth the upgrade.

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