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Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version Is Now Available On The US Nintendo 3DS eShop

by Dean James


Pokemon Sun and Moon is exactly a month away now and that means we are finally hitting the home stretch before its release. In honor of this day, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version is now available for you to download.

Available for free for anybody that wants to download it on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo Version serves as an introduction to the world of Alola prior to the launch of Sun and Moon next month.

Just like the demo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire two years ago, this demo is something completely separate from the game’s main adventure, so it’s not going to really spoil anything about the full game for you. Really the only spoilers will be some of the new Pokemon that you will see that are exclusive to the Alola region.

As was revealed before, you have the very special Ash-Greninja on your team, with you able to transfer him to the full Pokemon Sun or Moon by completing the demo itself at some point.

You can definitely count on checking back for our impressions on this demo in the near future as we can’t wait to play it ourselves. For those interested, just make sure to check on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and you can find the demo available right now on the front page of the store.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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