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Pokevision Radar Creator Writes Huge Letter To Pokemon Go Developer

by Damian Seeto


It was a sad week for Pokemon Go players as the game’s latest update forced the Pokevision website to shut down its servers. Pokevision’s creator has now written an open letter to Niantic who are the developers of the game.

Pokevision’s Yang Liu launched the website so that players can catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go more accurately. It was the most useful radar site because it told you the exact location for specific Pokemon. The servers were shut down this week since Niantic didn’t like third-party apps using their services.

Liu has now written a huge letter to Niantic to explain how much the game gave joy to many people around the world. The only flaw with the game itself was its own tracker. Liu says that Pokevision allowed players to find Pokemon easily since the in-game tracker was useless.

Liu notes that a lot of players wanted to use Pokevision temporarily until the original tracking system was fixed. Liu says he wanted Niantic to come up with a solution but they ignored everyone. He posted: “After 3 weeks though, we started seeing that you guys seemed to not want to talk to us (the players). Pokevision, at this time has grown to almost 50M unique users, and 11 million daily.

He closed down Pokevision at the request of Niantic, even though the in-game tracker is still not working. He further said this about Pokevision: “The main attraction was that it allowed them to play Pokemon Go more. This is what everyone wants — to play Pokemon Go more.” Pokevision wasn’t made to make players “cheat” according to Liu.

He concludes in his long letter saying that Niantic should listen to the feedback from Pokemon Go players. Right now, the tracker sucks and a lot of people are unhappy about it. Once it gets fixed, maybe people will enjoy the game the same way they did before Pokevision had to shut down.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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