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PS Vita System Update 3.50 Is Now Live

by Dean James


Sony is having quite the big day with the release of the much awaited 2.50 update for PS4 that we told you about a few minutes ago. However, they are not stopping there, as they have also released the latest major update for the PS Vita, albeit not quite as big as the PS4 one though.

This latest update for the PS Vita adds some features to the handheld, but also removes all map support, which we knew was going to be going away soon  Specifically, the change log for the update say the following:

  • You can improve your Remote Play experience by adjusting the frame rate for Remote Play. In [PS4 Link], select [Video Quality for Remote Play] from the options menu.
  • The scene search performance in [Videos] has been improved.
  • [Maps] has been deleted from the home screen of the PS Vita system.
  • Addresses and maps are not longer displayed in [near] on PS Vita.
  • [Accessibility] has been added in [Settings].
  • [Chat] in [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Sub Account Management] has been renamed [Chat/User-Generated Media].
  • PSN has been renamed “PlayStation Network.”

The update should be available for everyone at this point, especially in the US. If connected to Wi-Fi, you should be prompted in your notifications. If not, just go to Settings and you can update your PS Vita from there.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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