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PS4 will likely be cheaper than PS3 launch

| April 16, 2013

PS4 will likely be cheaper than PS3 launch News  PS4 PlayStation

Sony’s PS4 is set to arrive this holiday season, and it could come in cheaper than expected. Recent comments from Sony suggest that the new hardware will be more competitively priced than the PS3 was at launch.

Speaking with EDGE, Sony’s Michael Denny explained that the company may have learned a serious lesson with the PlayStation 3 launch.

“We listen and learn and take the judgement from every console launch we ever have and we have to be in formed by what the strengths of our PlayStation 3 system have been, but also the challenges… We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible but whilst being a system that’s deep, connected, rich and immersive and is going to give a very focused and differentiated experience than anything else that’s out there.”

Sony has yet to reveal the pricing of the PlayStation 4 or what it looks like. However, the company is rumored to be holding a second reveal of the new hardware, after a February announcement of the PlayStation 4 targeted holiday 2013 for the launch of their fourth console.

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  • MR.BuckS

    Come out with a socom and not like that socom 4 crap. keep the original fans happy! it does not have to be over the top. Just put lots of maps or come out with map pacs often and do something about the cheaters.

    People ( real gamerz ) will pay for a great product. don`t let and the millions down. plz a new Socom is needed plzzzzzzzzzz.

    Start a website and a poll and you will see how many are interested. even if there is a monthly payment. but NO ! CHEATERS.

  • strong

    It better not be, my limit is $450 on all next gen console……. ok maby $500 if they impress me at E3.

  • njb

    Socom 4 is not bad. I understand why alot of the hardcore crowd got annoyed. Zipper tried to make it appeal to everyone. We still got the Classic gameplay and some fan fav maps.

    Socom Confrontation was more like the Old Socom’s but i felt it was so outdated control wise and it had such a high learning curve. But the community is great.

    • MARTY92


  • Duke

    Buying it regardless on day 1. Don’t care if its $300 or $600. I Earn more than that in a week after bills and tax. So not an issue for me.

    I am excited… Long Live Play

    • Russ Collins

      you pompous asshole

      • Duke

        Cheers mate!


      It’s the ps3 launch all over again.

      • Duke

        I couldn’t care less, I will buy a PS4 day one… $600 isn’t really that much considering so many people spend thousands of dollars on a car, only to catch public transport majority of the time. I know I am going to play the PS4 a fair bit and easily get my moneys worth… Hell I’ve also planned to buy a new car at the end of the year too, fair to say my bank account will hate me around that time.


          Hell I would pay 800 if it meant they put in a higher gpu. This thing is an investment, its supposed to last you 7-8 years.

          • MARTY92

            no way dude i think maybe 6 years the most bro. haven’t you heard about the next tegra chip will be more powerful then the current consoles tech is moving faster every 6 months o so. by way i mean in performance not in graphics just in power.

          • Duke

            Sure technology is always advancing, but honestly things are now starting to get to the time that the speed just is not that noticeable anymore. Speed times are soon going to be compared in micro & nano seconds and won’t even be visible to the naked eye.

            Honestly, I would prefer it if technology slowed down these days. We don’t need something super special and new every 3-6 months… Spread it out and make it last (much like consoles)

  • Allen

    Almost just like we’ve all been saying for the last 3 years. $399 at launch is a sweet spot. I can see the need to push it to $450 but I really wouldn’t say it would be more than that. I still expect $399 for the base model and $499 for the high end.

  • therapiist

    lets say Sony release it for $400.00 Then you have to put in your state tax..Then some people want to put a 5 year warranty on their console, I know I am. So overall I might end up spending around $580 total on PS4 Then I want to buy maybe a game or two and that would cost at lease $130 for two games. I’m going to need at lease about $710+ bucks on day 1.

  • MARTY92

    i want M.A.G 2 and i think sony is going to have two version of the ps4 one for 399 with a 500gb hdd,headset and the other one will be 499 with extra goodies like bigger hdd a ps+ card hdmi cable and a better headset thats wat i think

  • wise guy

    ps4 to be cheaper than ps3??
    hmm so They are relaunching the PS2??