Attack of the Fanboy

The PS4 is much more than a high-end gaming PC

by William Schwartz


Sony’s PlayStation 4 is much more than a high-end gaming PC, according to Guerrilla Games, makers of the Killzone franchise. Speaking in a recent issue of Edge Magazine, Michiel Van Der Leeuw explains that the only people who think that the PS4 is just a high-end PC are the fanboys and trolls.

While the PS4 was revealed as a peice of hardware that more closely resembles a PC in its structure, it’s still very much a traditional games console, says the developer.

The fact that the pieces come from stuff we find in PCs doesn’t make it less of a console

“It has always been a piece of high-end hardware that we put in a box, we find exactly the right components that complement each other and make a really good gaming experience. This is exactly the same thing – it is a console. The fact that the best pieces of hardware are also devised from, or optimised versions of, the stuff we find in PCs doesn’t make it any less a console.”

Van Der Leeuw explains in the interview that Guerrilla Games played a big part in developing the PlayStation 4 hardware. Balancing hardware components and running assets on simulations to get the optimal performance from their next gen efforts.

The developer recently revealed their next-gen Killzone title, which is rumored to launch with the PlayStation 4.

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