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PUBG Xbox Test Server Times Extended Due to Downtime

The PUBG test servers for Xbox One are technically "up" but issues persist.


The recent release of test servers for PUBG on Xbox One saw issues at launch.  While the original intention was to have them up and operational starting on 4/25 at 5pm PDT, players quickly noticed that there were matchmaking and connection issues, to which PUBG Corp responded by taking them down.  The outage has prompted the developers to extend the test server period for PUBG on Xbox One.

The new test period times will be from 4/25 5pm PDT through 4/26 11pm PDT.  If you were looking to head into the test servers to check out the Miramar Map, now’s your chance to do so.

Anyone who owns PUBG on Xbox One can download the Test Server Client from the Microsoft Store.  The 10GB download is a separate game that must be launched to access the test environment.

The test server has been sporadic to say the least.  While it currently is functional, allowing you to enter the game and do things like character customization. Actually matchmaking to play the game has been hit and miss, with users reporting long wait times to check out the new map on Xbox One.

With the many persisting problems that PUBG has on the Xbox One, it’s somewhat unsurprising that this feature doesn’t work.  While it is a “Test,” many players were hoping to get in if just to see some new content for the game.

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