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PUBG Test Servers Arrive on April 24th, Features Miramar Desert Map

The Miramar map for Xbox sounds like its going to be here very soon.


While the PC version of PUBG has had a test server for quite some time where the developers have rolled out new features, maps, and modes for those that wished to try them, the Xbox version of the game only recently got that functionality.  Furthermore, the test server is currently limited to a selected group of people who enrolled to be part of the testing program.

Apparently those who did not get in through the test server lotto recently received an email that states that a test server is going live for all PUBG Xbox players on April 24th.  There’s been no official word from PUBG Corp on this, but some users are already posting videos of having access to a pre-test for the test servers that’s taking place between April 19 – 23rd.  From emails that are circulating, the PTS will be available through the Xbox Store as a separate download and will give players early access to the Miramar Desert Map.

If true, all PUBG owners will be able to download the test server and play the new map pretty soon.  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox is set to get one of its biggest updates since launch, and is gearing up for a free weekend for Xbox Live subscribers.  Recently PUBG Corp reiterated its commitment to making Battlegrounds stable on the Xbox One.  Hopefully this next update is one that fixes many of the issues Early Access players have been wrangling with for months.

Of course, being in early access these plans could change, but many are anticipating that test servers will be available for all Xbox One players on April 24th.  Regardless, the Miramar Desert Map was already revealed to be coming to full release in early-May on Xbox One.

Update:  This news has been confirmed by the developers and they have updated this with times to expect the test servers to arrive.  Test Servers will be downloadable on April 24th at 12AM for your local timezone.  The test servers will be open to play on for April 25, 26, & 27th from 5pm PDT through 11pm PDT.  The servers will be available on 4/28 and 29 as well from 11am PDT to 11pm PDT.

- This article was updated on:April 23rd, 2018

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