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PUBG Corp Says It’s Committed To Making Battlegrounds Stable on Xbox One

Xbox One Battlegrounds players can expect more stability updates and the addition of the Desert Map in the months ahead.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has had a rocky Xbox One launch to say the least.  While the game is in Early Access on the console, stability issues and crashes have plagued the Xbox One version of the game since its December 2017 release.

The beginning of the year has seen only slight improvements to the overall experience on consoles, but PUBG Corp says that they are committed and focused on making the game more stable on the Xbox One.

According to a recent update on the PUBG Forums, “Improving crashes is our highest priority.  Simply put, stability is the most basic element that determines gameplay quality, so we’re taking it seriously and focusing on it with every patch.”

Update #12 was released just days ago, and it was another patch that brought minimal improvements other than some situation specific stability fixes.  The coming months should see significant additions to the console version of the game, according to the developer.  The Desert Map is coming to Xbox One very soon.   PUBG Corp says that Miramar will be heading to test servers in late-April and then pushed to the live game in May.

Regardless of the problems that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has encountered on the Xbox One in the Game Preview Program, the game has proven to be extremely popular.  Microsoft says that millions of players have logged in to play the game since launch.

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