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When is the Desert Map Coming to PUBG on Xbox One?

by William Schwartz


Update:  The developers have revealed that Miramar will be heading to Xbox One in May 2018.

The desert map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out for some time on PC.  While players on that platform have let it be known that they prefer the original map much more than the new one, that’s not stopping Xbox One players from wanting a chance to check out the new map.

The question is, when is the desert map Miramar coming to the Xbox One?  The answer is, it’s not ready for release just yet.  That is according to one of the community coordinators at PUBG.

“Whilst we appreciate that you want to play the new map it’s not ready for release on Xbox yet,” reads a comment left on the PUBG Xbox One Forum.  “We’ve been in Game Preview for just over two months and our focus at the moment is optimization, balancing and creating a great foundation for the core battle royale experience.”

At this pace it could be quite some time before PUBG players on the Xbox One are able to play on the desert map.   Miramar was largely discarded by the PC community with many opting for Erangel.

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PR team has recently issued a statement that a road map for 2018 will be disclosed soon.  Whether or not they will reveal the exact release date for Miramar on Xbox One is yet to be seen.  If it follows a similar trajectory to the PC version of the game, players on the Xbox One could be in for a wait.

When PUBG launched in Early Access on Steam in March 2017 it took the developers until December to release the map onto test servers.  It then underwent further testing before eventually being released by the end of the year.  Since there are no test servers on the Xbox One, it’s currently unclear how PUBG Corp. is going to test out the desert map on the Xbox One.

A version of the game that is filled with plenty of outstanding bugs has seen 8 patches since launching in December 2017 for the Xbox One.  Broken as it may be, PUBG on Xbox One has proven to be a success with millions of players having played the game already and the upside to playing on the PC is the lack of cheaters in the console version of the game.

Though with all those players playing the game it’s clear why they’re anxious to get their hands on new content.  The desert map does add new vehicles and does have a unique aesthetic, but it’s not worth getting until PUBG is fully optimized and in better shape than it currently is on the Xbox One.

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