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[Update] PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Live Now

by William Schwartz


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be seeing an update pushed to the game on February 5th that is explicitly directed at curbing cheating in the game.  The update will go live for players on February 5th at 6PM PST.

Players will not experience any downtime on the PUBG servers with this update, but it will include the new anti-cheat measures that the developer is taking.

The update will block different programs that alter graphics or aid gameplay in any way.  What the developers have discovered is that the many different cheats for PUBG have in common is that the programs used for cheating in the game all hook into the game and transform game files.  These programs will no longer be able to be used or installed on a PC to even launch PUBG.

The Community Manager for the game points out one program in particular called ReShade, which is a popular program that allows PUBG players to spot enemies more quickly by improving visibility.  While this is one of the less nefarious programs that players use, it will now be considered cheating in the eyes of the developers and will no longer be allowed.  The developers ask that it be uninstalled if you want to continue to play the game.

The developers also warn that some programs that do not affect gameplay may also be affected temporarily as they look to fine tune the new anti-cheat measures.

Look for the update to be pushed to PUBG on February 5th.

Update: According to PUBG Corp.  This patch has been delayed due to an unexpected issue found while testing the compatibility.  The developers say that they will update when it will be released.

Update 2:  PUBG Servers have been updated with anti-cheat update as well as red zone sound improvements.

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