What are Cloud Striders in Destiny 2?

Psuedo Guardians of Neptune.

by Noah Nelson


In the most recent Destiny 2 Showcase, we got a glimpse into Lightfall, the next big Destiny 2 expansion, and a new culture of people called the Cloud Striders. We also got a look at Strand, the new element, and Arc 3.0. For now, let’s take a deeper look at what Cloud Striders are in Destiny 2.

Cloud Striders in Destiny 2

Though we won’t see Lightfall until February 2023, we do know a lot about Cloud Striders. Lightfall will take place on Neomuna, a neon cityscape on Neptune, which is the home of the Cloud Striders. The Witness, the biggest bad in all of Destiny 2, is getting closer and closer to the Traveler and is using vessels to attack humankind.

During Lightfall, The Witness controls Calus, the King of Cabal, who was an ally to humanity. Calus and his Shadow Legion are going to reign terror on Neomuna. We, along with the Cloud Striders, need to defend Neomuna and fight The Witness back.

The Cloud Striders are a group of humanity that settled and flourished on Neptune. They volunteer among their people to fight the darkness. Cloud Striders are like Guardians for their civilization but they don’t have Ghosts or the Traveler. It is assumed that we as Guardians will work side by side with the Cloud Striders to fight Calus and his army.

Unfortunately, that is all we know about Cloud Striders so far. Until Lightfall gets closer, we won’t know much about Cloud Striders, if there is a lead character that we will get to know, or how they will incorporate into the story of Lightfall.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

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