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PUBG Hits 4 Million Players on Xbox One, Get Free Battle Points Now

by Kyle Hanson


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is certainly one of the biggest gaming successes of the last year, if not of all time. Launching first on PC the popular Battle Royale style game built a playerbase of tens of millions before releasing on Xbox One, the only console it has hit so far. And, as expected, it has become a big success there as well, reaching 4 million players today. To celebrate, Microsoft and PUBG Corp are offering Xbox One players a ton of free Battle Points, with each being able to claim 30,000 BP.

You’ll need to act fast though, you can only claim the free 30,000 BP until January 31st, giving you less than a week to load the game and grab the loot. BP are used to purchase loot crates that offer players cosmetic items to customize their character. There’s no gameplay impacting items though, so don’t expect to start getting those Chicken Dinners just cause of this giveaway. Here’s the details…

“Anyone who has purchased or purchases PUBG on Xbox One and has created a character before January 31 at 12AM PST will receive this bonus, so if you’ve been waiting to jump onto the island, now is the perfect time to become a part of our growing community on console. Bonus Battle Points will be delivered and appear directly in players BP accounts (right below their gamertag) after February 1, 2018 at 12AM PT.”

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