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Rayman: Origins is incredible

by William Schwartz


I picked up Rayman: Origins within a few days of when the game got released.  The art direction was definitely the first thing that intrigued me.  I always enjoy when a game takes the time to carve out great visuals in a game.  That’s just the beginning though.  There’s a total of 66 incredibly well crafted, unique levels in the game, split into a number of distinguishably different worlds.  The soundtrack is one of the best of all time.  Seriously, if you have not given this game a shot, you really should if you like playing good games. You can pick up a new copy for $20.00 at Gamestop with a deal they’re running, and $30 elsewhere. It was worth my $60, it ended up being one of my top games of 2011, and one of the best platformers of all time.

The Rayman physics make for some great gameplay across the board. The cooperative element (2-4 players on the same console or online) is close to the best implemented coop I’ve seen in a platformer.  It’s similar to the way New Super Mario Bros or Kirbys Epic Yarn coop works.  However it seems like Origins was developed with the multiplayer in mind a little bit more than New Super Mario, and it feels a little less clustered at all times.  It works 100% as well when you’re soloing the levels too, and either way, it’s a blast to play.  If you’ve been looking for great coop, however, look no further.

All of the levels play and feel unique, while there’s definitely a resonating tone in each of the worlds in terms of visuals and enemies. They’re all really cool, and you can tell they spent time on all of the details. There’s an array (around 8-10) of faster paced, very difficult levels. They feel drastically different than the rest of the levels, and reminded me some of the later levels in Super Meat Boy. It’s well worth just playing through all of them, they’re immensely satisfying. Not to mention upon completion you get one heck of an unlockable.  There’s also time trials you can do on every level that will add up to unlock new skins and levels. You’ll wanna get to 100 % just to do it all, even if you’re not the biggest of completionists.

Rayman: Origins really does live up to everything I’m saying.  It’s right up there with the likes of Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, no joke. While it definitely does not progress the genre as much as those titles did at the time, it does what it does phenomenally.  It gives you one of the tightest physics engines created to play around with on some of the neatest levels seen to date in a platformer.  You’ll never feel like you can’t complete a level.  It may be difficult to execute, but it makes it pretty easy to see what you’re supposed to do next.  Never once did I feel like the game was stagnant, or did I get P.O.ed and quit out of a level because I felt I couldn’t complete it.

Rayman: Origins is seriously top notch in every aspect, and deserves a minute of your undivided attention and wallet.

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