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Does Remedy Games have Alan Wake 2 in the works for 2013?

| January 2, 2013

Does Remedy Games have Alan Wake 2 in the works for 2013? News Xbox  Xbox 720 Alan Wake 2

2012 saw the release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but the developers at Remedy Entertainment have something else on the horizon. According to the studio, “Even greater Remedy news to come in 2013,” according to the developer’s Facebook page.

Could this be the highly anticipated Alan Wake 2? Previous job listings by Remedy have alluded to the possibility of a full-fledged sequel being in the works, but Remedy Entertainment has yet to announce anything. 2013 could be a big year for the developers of Time’s 2010 Game of the Year.

Alan Wake started its life out as an Xbox 360 exclusive, with the ambitious title having been announced alongside the Xbox 360. It might have take a few years to arrive, but Remedy might have another announcement to go alongside an Xbox 720 reveal for later this year.

Whether this turns out to be Alan Wake 2 or not, Remedy Entertainment is definitely one developer to keep an eye on in 2013.

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  • djmagnumb

    If its true its an awesome rumor. Alan Wake was kicka**.

    • I’ve lost faith that anyone on the Xbox 360 plays anything but Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears anymore. I wonder if Microsoft is willing to invest in an Xbox Next exclusive this time around?

      • djmagnumb

        I play tons of sh*t W.S…close to 200 games. However I will say that beating Halo 4 on Legendary difficulty solo was the greatest gaming experience I’ve ever had. I can’t stand CoD, it feels so generic to me. Gears is still great though too.


        I’d like to think so.

  • mrhertz

    i really hope they release alan 2 for pc. 1st one was quite good.

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