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Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Art Leaks on PSN

To no one's surprise, it looks like another Resident Evil remake is on the way.

by Diego Perez


With the success of Resident Evil 7 and the remake of Resident Evil 2, a remake of Resident Evil 3 was inevitable. It’s been hinted at and rumored for years now, and it looks like we’ve finally gotten our first concrete look at the game thanks to leaked cover art that showed up on PSN.

First spotted by Twitter user Nibel, cover arts for Resident Evil 3, Biohazard RE: 3, and Biohazard RE: 3 Z Version have all been leaked ahead of an official announcement. Also, official artwork for Resident Evil Resistance has surfaced on PSN as well, and it shares a similar visual style to the Resident Evil 3 images.

Resident Evil Resistance is the official title of Project Resistance, a multiplayer spinoff that was first revealed by Capcom earlier this year. Many have speculated whether or not Resistance would be a full-priced game or even a standalone expansion to Resident Evil 2, but considering that both Resistance and RE 3’s promotional images look pretty similar, there’s a chance the two releases might be related. Maybe they’re going to be released around the same time, or maybe Resistance is the multiplayer component to Resident Evil 3. Perhaps the “Z Version” of the game comes with both games bundled together.

As for when these titles will be officially unveiled, the popular guess right now is The Game Awards, which will happen next week on December 12. However, notable industry analyst Daniel “ZhugeEX” Ahmad tweeted about the leaked cover art, hinting that the games might be revealed prior to the awards show. There isn’t much time left before the event, so there would have to be an announcement soon. Could a State of Play be on the way? Resident Evil has a long history with PlayStation, and Resident Evil 2 had a strong showing at PlayStation’s E3 2018 press conference last year, so it would make sense that the remake of 3 would follow suit.

Either way, look forward to hearing about the all but confirmed Resident Evil 3 remake and Resident Evil Resistance sometime in the near future.

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