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Resident Evil 7 Won’t Have An Online Mode; Another Demo Update In The Works

by Mike Guarino


The months leading up to the release of Resident Evil 7 have been very interesting, with demos for the game being released while still not having a concrete idea of what the main game actually plays like. However, we’re getting more details on the game from the game’s producer, discussing what will and won’t be featured in the game when it launches early next year.

Resident Evil 7 producer Masachika Kawata recently spoke with YugaTech, where he first discusses the game lacking an online mode. He said that “Resident Evil 7 is not supporting any online modes. So for example, with Resident Evil 5, we focused on cooperative online play, which was well-received. But the key concept of Resident Evil 7 is horror, so from the very beginning, we thought that playing alone will give the best horror experience.”

He briefly mentions his desire to have the demo appear on other platforms outside of PS4, though he made no promises there. However, he did mention that the demo will be updated to represent other sides of the game, saying “We do plan to update the demo on PSN for the players to experience the other aspects of the game. We don’t have a fixed date [for the release], but it will definitely be out before the game comes out.”

Resident Evil 7 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 24th, 2017.

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