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Retailers call for PS Vita price cut ahead of PS4 launch

by William Schwartz


With the PS Vita playing a bigger role in the ecosystem of the PS4, retailers are urging Sony to cut the price on the handheld. A price cut would “make sense”, says GameStop president Tony Bartel, who thinks the handheld will see increased demand with the launch of the PlayStation 4. Bartel recently spoke to Forbes about the bright future for the two devices.

“With multi-screen gaming continuing to rise in popularity, I think you’ll see more gamers purchase a Vita to take advantage of the enhanced gameplay offered by the PS4. We’re always happy to see a price cut! Both bundles and price cuts tend to spur additional sales, so this would make sense leading up to launch.”

Will we see a price cut in the United States of the handheld that just recently celebrated its first birthday? If recent sales data in Japan is any indication, it could be a possibility. Sony recently cut the price of the PS Vita in Japan and sales quadrupled as a result.

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