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Rick and Morty Meets Pokemon in Adult Swim’s New Mobile Game

by Jason Eliason


Ooowee! Fans of both Pokemon and Rick and Morty are in for a treat later this month.  Adult Swim Games have announced Pocket Mortys, a Pokemon-esque adventure RPG, set in the Rick-diculous universe of Rick and Morty.  This isn’t the first Rick and Morty game to come out of AS Games, but it certainly appears to contain more content than Jerry’s Game or Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure.  The game was announced via Twitter yesterday and will be free on Android and iOS January 14th.


For those unfamiliar with the Adult Swim series, the show stars a prepubescent, often apprehensive young boy and his alcoholic scientist grandfather.  Together the two travel through various universes and, for better or worse, usually wreak havoc.  The show is a loose parody of Back to the Future, hence the names Rick (Doc) and Morty (Marty).


From what’s been revealed so far, in Pocket Mortys you play as one of the many Ricks that have gathered from multiple dimensions.  Your goal is to capture and train powerful Mortys as you rise to the top.  Given that the game will be free to play, it’s unclear just how well Pocket Mortys will fare as an RPG, but it’s not as if there’s anything to lose.  Given the premise of the game it’s apparent that, if anything, Pocket Mortys will be good for a few laughs.  WUBALUBADUBDUB!

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