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Rumored Xbox 720 Launch Games include Next-Gen Forza

by William Schwartz


Despite Microsoft allowing first party game development to take a backseat to third party partnerships in the back-half of this generation, the company is reportedly readying numerous launch titles for the Xbox 720. According to a report out of The Verge, Microsoft will release four new games designed specifically for the new hardware.

The first two we’ve heard about. The anonymous sources suggest that Microsoft will release a new installment of their popular Forza racing franchise, presumably Forza Motorsport 5. The big sell here will be “super life-like” graphics, according to the report. The second, which was revealed at E3 2011, is Ryse. The Crytek developed, Kinect-enabled hack-n-slash title has been being fine-tuned to take advantage of the increased technology of both the new console and next-generation of Kinect motion controller.

Details are slim on the other two titles. But, the report outs them as a “new zombie game” and a new “family game” with “Pixar movie-style graphics”.

The publication says that the rumors come from “sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans”, but with zero confirmation from Microsoft at this time, we’ll just have to take their word for it. After a rash of recent rumors regarding Microsoft’s next console, it was brought to light that the company may be revealing their next-gen hardware at a dedicated event in late-May.

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