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Saints Row 4 Due in 2013

by William Schwartz


Saints Row: The Third fans had expected a new portion of downloadable content to arrive in the coming months titled “Enter the Dominatrix”.  Today, Volition announced that they would not be bringing that new piece of content to fans.  However, they did say that this content would be included in a brand new full-fledged sequel, tentatively titled Saints Row 4.

You’re gonna have to wait a little while for this sequel to arrive.  Saints Row 4 isn’t due until 2013.   The newly appointed President of THQ explained that the company has high hopes in continuing the Saints Row franchise, saying that this sequel would be a “full-priced, full-length, high-quality, connected experience.”

Enter the Dominatrix would have been the first stand-alone downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third following the season pass content that released on the heels of the 2011 launch.

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