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The Last of Us Season Pass details multiplayer and singleplayer content

by William Schwartz


Naughty Dog will jump into the world of single player DLC for the first time, with The Last of Us. Just recently announced, Naughty Dog has revealed The Last of Us Season Pass. The Last of Us Season Pass will feature two multiplayer portions, and one single player piece of content.

The multiplayer side of things will feature maps, modes, and other items to enhance the multiplayer experience. Naughty Dog has yet to let the cat out of the bag with regards to how The Last of Us multiplayer will work, but if they’ve proven anything with Uncharted 2 & 3, they’ve got big ideas when it comes to their online components.

The single player DLC content hasn’t been detailed at all, but something tells me that you’ll be itching for more after the closing credits roll. Just how they’ll re-introduce the single player campaign after all is said and done, is anyone’s guess.

The Last of Us Season Pass will run you $19.99, and it’s currently available on Sony’s Online Marketplace. Along with the three content packs, purchasers will get a number of Day 1 Bonuses that range from in-game upgrades to exclusive media content, on top of the savings that you get from purchasing the pass instead of each pack separately.

The Last of Us is due out on the PlayStation 3 in mid-June.

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