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Shipment and Vacant Finally Come to Modern Warfare

The Season One Refresh injects the game with new maps and modes.

by Diego Perez


The next batch of content for Modern Warfare Season One is almost upon us, and you’ll soon be able to revisit fan-favorite maps like Shipment and Vacant alongside new modes and Gunfight maps. The first major content drop for Season One is being called the “Season One Refresh,” and it’s bringing just as much content as the launch of Season One itself.

New Modern Warfare Maps

Season One launched with just one multiplayer map: a remake of Crash from the original Modern Warfare. Other maps were promised but withheld for a later release, and that later release is happening very soon. Shipment and Vacant will be available in Modern Warfare starting tomorrow. Vacant is only playable in traditional multiplayer matches, but Shipment will be available as both a multiplayer map and a 2v2 Gunfight map thanks to its small size.

Speaking of Gunfight, the Docks map seems to have gotten a seasonal makeover, now being covered in Christmas lights and other holiday decorations. It even has a festive new name: Over Winter. Naturally, Docks will most likely only retain its cheerful appearance for a limited time.

New Modes and Cosmetics

Cranked, which originally debuted in Call of Duty: Ghosts, is making a return in Modern Warfare with the Season One Refresh. Cranked is essentially a variation of Team Deathmatch in which players have to keep getting kills to keep a timer going or else they’ll die. It’s a hectic mode that should provide a nice breath of fresh air given Modern Warfare’s usual slow pace. For Spec Ops players, two new Classic Spec Ops missions called Disinform and Bomb Squad will be available with the update, and another new Spec Ops mission called Operation: Strongbox is being added as well. Lastly, normal Gunfight will make its return and replace Gunfight OSP.

With the new update, Nikto will finally make an appearance in the in-game store. You’ll be able to purchase a bundle for 2400 COD Points that comes with the Operator as well as a few blueprints and other customization items. In addition to the Nikto bundle, two new holiday-themed bundles will arrive in the store containing multiple festive skins, calling cards, and blueprints. Also, whether you own the Battle Pass or not, you’ll receive a free gift pack on December 18. It’s unclear what Infinity Ward is giving players in the gift pack, but free is free. Also, double weapon XP will be live on the same day and be active throughout the weekend.


Other cool cosmetic items, like the “Tamagunchi” watch, will also be added with the Season One Refresh, but details are scarce as to exactly what content will become available outside of the aforementioned bundles. The Season One Refresh lands in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tomorrow, December 18, on all platforms.

- This article was updated on:December 17th, 2019

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