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Shooting In NBA Live 15 Could Be Much Smoother And Better

by Damian Seeto


If you played NBA Live 14, you may have noticed that shooting the ball was a big pain. EA Sports promises now that shooting in NBA Live 15 will be much better.

Executive Producer for NBA Live 15, Sean O’Brien, has commented on twitter that shooting has been improved. He said “(I) think you’ll really like shooting this year man. Feels/looks great.” This was in response to a fan’s question about the shooting mechanics in this year’s game. The fan loved the controls that were set in the unreleased NBA Elite 11 game demo.

O’Brien also continued that the team is working on a control scheme that makes NBA Live 15 balanced. He mentioned NBA Elite 11’s controls were too easy as some people would be able to
“consistently hit shots from half court” with the right timing. He said he is happy with the way things are going with NBA Live 15. This could mean the shooting is smoother, but also not unrealistic either as not every shot can always go in.

I’m glad EA Sports is trying its best to make NBA Live 15 as good as possible. NBA Live 14 was a mess both gameplay wise and graphically. Hopefully some more screenshots and gameplay footage is shared soon to see if all the improvements that have been mentioned are actually true.

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