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Shovel Knight Dev Wants To Know What Game You Think They Should Make Next

by Mike Guarino


2016 is set to be the final year that Yacht Club Games will spend developing content for Shovel Knight, with the rest of the DLC in the works right now and set to be out by the end of the year. However, once that’s all done they have the difficult task of deciding what they should do to follow that awesome game up, and it looks like they are taking suggestions.

Yacht Club Games has posted a new poll asking what game they should develop next. Here’s what it says:

“We’re always kicking around ideas for what kind of games we’d want to make one day! What would you like to see us tackle next? Do you want more Shovel Knight, or something new? Games are complex creations with many elements…so we’re just going to cleverly collapse these down to something you might already know!”

“Note: All games would be in a retro graphical style, similar to Shovel Knight.
Note 2: This is a suggestion poll to help us see what you might be excited to see!”

There are 12 options that are contained within the poll, with each one giving you the option to vote on a scale from 1 to 5 on how excited you would be to see them make the game or game idea. These include things like a straight up Shovel Knight 2 or multiplayer-focused Shovel Knight and Shield Knight, to more vague things like a Mario, Zelda or Metroid-type of game. They also give an option for a Shovel Kart, which is something that I would personally be ecstatic to see.

You can check out the poll and cast your vote by clicking right here.

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