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We weren’t shown Fallout 4 at E3, though we wish we were

by William Schwartz


There are a lot of rumors floating around that Fallout 4 was secretly shown at E3 2013.   Some of them make sense, and even sound like they come from reliable sources, but we saw the 45 minute presentation from Bethesda, and it didn’t have any Fallout 4 in it.

As evident from my clean trousers when exiting Bethesda’s make-shift cinema, we didn’t get any secret briefing on Fallout 4.   Bethesda’s booth at E3 2013 was appointment only, and our time with the game maker contained a presentation from Shinji Mikami for The Evil Within, a first look at Wolfenstein in action, and a brief overview of The Elder Scrolls Online.  This was followed by hands on time with Wolfenstein and The Elder Scrolls Online in the floor section of Bethesda’s private booth.   There didn’t appear to be some secret alcove where Fallout 4 was being discussed, nor did anyone I spoke with at the show ever once mention a secret showing of Fallout 4.

I’m not saying that Bethesda didn’t talk to anyone about the possibility of Fallout 4, but it likely wasn’t to the media, nor at their booth on the show floor.  These things are usually tucked away in the private conference rooms in the upper halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Especially if they’re trying to keep a secret.

Does that mean we won’t be hearing about a next-generation Fallout game in the near future?  No, but we didn’t hear anything about what BGS is cooking up next, though we would have liked to.  A next-generation Fallout announcement could have stolen the show for Bethesda.  A teaser could have had a huge impact for the company, the rumors don’t make sense in that regard.  Why would they keep it a secret, and squander the opportunity for publicity?  Then again, we are a small website.  Perhaps this rumored secretive Fallout 4 teaser was only shown to a very select few that are obviously really bad about keeping secrets,  who knows.

Rumors have been running wild for Fallout 4 fans over the past few months.  Following Bethesda’s confirmation that they finally finished development on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, many assumed that their next game would be announced in short order.  Though considering the success of their announcement and marketing of Skyrim, they very well could turn to awards season to reveal Fallout 4.

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