Attack of the Fanboy

Sim City dev thinks its cool you’re modding their game, but…

by William Schwartz


The bungled launch of Sim City on PC has funneled players into the world of non-sanctioned game modifications in the week since launch. Players have been looking into modifying files for the game to fix a number of issues for the city building title, and Maxis is apparently cool with that.

One Sim City developer took to Twitter to tell his thoughts on fans looking to mod the newly released game. “It’s cool to see fans digging through our source files, the creativity of our mod community has always been the lifeblood of Maxis,” said Michael Long.

“Cool” as it may be, EA and Maxis still don’t want you having the conversation on their forums. They’ve recently purged a bunch of information on the offical Sim City site, where players had compiled ways to bypass the always online requirement.

When Long was asked if he thought mods being created by community for Sim City were “OK”, and if users could use them without fear of being banned, Long had to defer to the corporate policy. ” I would have to defer to official EA Policy rather than a statement of my principles,” the developer explained.

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