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Sim City hits speed bumps with Origin launch

by William Schwartz


Sim City recently went live on the Origin store, and as the perils of digital downloads go, masses of people are all attempting to download the game at once. While this wouldn’t be a problem if everything goes smoothly, it rarely ever does. EA and its Origin platform are taking a ton of criticism tonight as many are left out in the cold when trying to download the new city-building simulator.

Maxis recently updated the Sim City Reddit with details about the problem. “We’re investigating the problem. I will update you as soon as I have more information. Thank You for your patience.”

One of the big problems that Origin is probably having is with concurrent users all trying to access the game at once. Other digital marketplaces like Steam and allow players to preload games to their accounts prior to the midnight release.

The errors aren’t affecting everyone at this point, some Sim City fans are reporting success in downloading the game. Once this hurdle is cleared, the always on requirement of Sim City will be the next area of contention if EA Servers don’t hold up under the pressure of the masses of new mayors looking to build.

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