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SimCity: Cheetah speed returns, and it only took a month

by William Schwartz


EA Maxis has announced that things are finally getting back to normal for SimCity players.  Cheetah Speed, a game setting that allows for faster progression in the city building simulator has finally been re-implemented into the game, alongside other features.

The settings was one of the features that EA had to remove from SimCity to try and stabilize the game’s servers after a severely mishandled launch, which left many purchasers of the game unable to use their product.  Alongside the return of this setting, Maxis is also working on Update 2.0 for SimCity, but what this patch includes is anyone’s guess.

The good news is that SimCity players will likely never have to deal with the problems that they saw during the launch.  The bad news is, that many people have lost interest over the past month, and moved on to other games.   EA’s mishandling of the launch of SimCity may have paved the way for the company to win their second consecutive “Worst Company in America” award from Consumerist.

Look for further updates to SimCity in the weeks ahead.

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