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Skylanders RPG Currently in Development

by William Schwartz


The popular Skylanders has a different type of game in development, according to Activision.  The toys to life series which has consisted of third person action/adventure titles thus far has a role playing game in the works.

Partnering with Com2us, developers of Summoners War, Activision will release the Skylanders RPG on mobile devices.  Details are slim about the mobile Skylanders RPG and how it will play, but Com2us has had success in the past with their previous mobile games.

Unfortunately, Skylanders isn’t also getting the same RPG treatment on consoles — at least no announcements were made at this time.

The Skylanders brand has been doing a lot as of late.  Obviously the console games have been coming out for a while now, but the second season of Skylanders Academy will hit Netflix shortly and expansion into a mobile game — Activision is defintely getting all they can out of the game.

The most recent console release of Skylanders, “Imaginators” launched last fall.  We gave it a 4/5 last year when it released.

Earlier this month, Activision confirmed that there would not be a new console Skylanders game in 2017.  In an earnings call, the company said that they will opt to support Skylanders Imaginators instead of releasing a new title.  Expect new adventure packs, characters, and in-game content for that game this year.  In the same call, they revealed the Skylanders mobile game in development but did not give any specific details about what type of game it would be.

While they won’t be releasing a brand new Skylanders game, the aformentioned updates and the release of the Nintendo Switch version of the game seem to be what’s on deck for console Skylanders fans.

No release date or platforms have been set for the Skylanders RPG.

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