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Skyrim was generic, according to The Witcher 3 developer

by William Schwartz


CD Projekt Red has high hopes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  They’ve already come out and said that they think this next game has the quality to compete with other big role playing games like Skyrim and Dragon Age, but in a recent interview Konrad Tomaskiewicz the developer explains that he was a little underwhelmed by Bethesda’s latest RPG, calling it “generic”.

“I tried to remember five characters from Skyrim…and I can’t”

More specifically, Tomaskiewicz wasn’t impressed with the way that Bethesda handled quests in Skyrim, feedback from NPCs on your accomplishments, and a largely forgettable cast of characters.  From a the recent video interview with GameStop’s Game Informer Magazine, The Witcher 3 Director explains:

“I tried to remember five characters from Skyrim…and I can’t,” said the developer who called the game generic for not introducing a more memorable cast.  The developer also believes that “quests need to be designed in a way which NPCs can react to what you are doing, this immersion is better in the Witcher 2 because every choice got its own consequence.”

While Tomaskiewicz definitely had criticism to throw at Skyrim, he does believe that there are some things that his studio can learn from the team at BGS.  “We need to learn from them how to make an open world… how to make the feeling of an open world.”  This is one thing that Bethesda has certainly gotten nailed down.  From The Elder Scrolls to the Fallout series, the studio has got the massive open world adventure genre cornered.

As for the Witcher 3, it’s billed as the biggest and most ambitious game to dat from CD Projekt Red, and is due out in 2014 for PC and “high-end” platforms.

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