Small New WWE 2K22 News Revealed This Week

A rebuilt game engine

by Damian Seeto
wwe 2k22 rey

2K Games has surprisingly not revealed much info about WWE 2K22 yet, even though the game will be released later this year. However, we did get some small news about the game this week.

As reported by SmackTalks on YouTube, Michael Cole revealed some new news about the game during an episode of Smackdown. It sounds like the game will have a rebuilt game engine and better controls than the ill received WWE 2K20 game from 2019.

He said the following during Smackdown: “SummerSlam is presented by WWE 2K22. Rebuilt Engine, Smoother Controls., Better Gameplay and all your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends. WWE 2K22 it hits different.”

The WWE 2K games have been using the NBA 2K engine since the release of WWE 2K15 on PS4 and Xbox One. It will be interesting to see if this rebuilt engine will change the gameplay. Not to mention the controls should be an improvement over WWE 2K20 because that game forced you to press two buttons to do finishers!

Another small bit of news about the game is that it looks like Angel Garza will be in it too. Garza revealed on his Twitter account that “I’ll be in the upcoming (game)” meaning 2K22.

Anyway, WWE 2K22 is to be released later this year. Platforms are to be announced very soon.