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Some Features Confirmed For NBA Live 16

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports held a Q&A session on Twitter where it explained and confirmed some of the new gameplay features that will be in NBA Live 16.

All the questions were answered by NBA Live 16 Executive Producer Sean O’Brien. A recap of all the answers were posted up on the game’s official website.

First of all, it was confirmed that NBA Live 16 will have a “Create-a-Player” mode. This is kind of obvious since it was confirmed at E3 2015 you can scan your own face to the game.

O’Brien also said you can have up to five scanned faces at a time. They cannot go beyond that number. You can only scan your face via a mobile device. This is unlike the NBA 2K games where it was done via Kinect and PlayStation Camera.

It was also confirmed that gameplay sliders will be in NBA Live 16 too. You can adjust the sliders to make the gameplay easier or harder. You will also be able to block dunks in the game as well.

NBA Live 16 looks like it is taking small steps to become a contender again. The series has kind of lost its way ever since the NBA 2K series starting to become more popular. It will be interesting to see if EA Sports can make the series relevant again with this new game.

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